Edgewise Cabinetry manufactures custom cabinetry for commercial and high-end residential installations.   Working closely with architects, designers and general contractors, Edgewise takes pride in creating high quality and high value architectural cabinetry that enhances our clients’ interiors.  We are committed to producing casework and furniture that meet our clients’ individual and unique requirements--cost effectively and on schedule. 


Edgewise can do everything from the initial design to the fabrication and product installation.  Using state-of-the-art technology and longstanding craftsmanship, Edgewise creates projects that maximize function and aesthetics in a full range of materials--from natural wood and stone to high-pressure laminate and solid surface products.  Because we have our own installation crews, we ensure that each project we manufacture is installed to your satisfaction. 


Edgewise has manufactured custom cabinetry for financial institutions, offices, medical facilities and retail establishments.  Working with each client, we design solutions that fit the specific needs of the project’s space, usage requirements and budget.  The Edgewise expertise assures that the cabinetwork will enhance every specialized environment.