CNC Routing Services

Edgewise Cabinetry can produce custom parts in a wide range of materials using our CNC router. We can machine wood, plastic, solid surface material and non ferrous metal. It is ideal for large projects that require accuracy and speed for repetitive cuts. Sophisticated software programs also enable the CNC router to create small, custom and intricate projects such as custom signs and cabinet routing with precision. Electronic drawings can be sent directly to the CNC router resulting in fast turnaround times and high quality products. We can also convert your hand drawn sketches into a usable format. Whether your project is large or a one off item, Edgewise Cabinetry can produce it—There are no volume or minimum requirements. And we’ll ship anywhere.


Edgewise can also enhance projects with our laser etching machine.  We can etch as well as cut out complex shapes in thin materials including wood, plastic, glass, stone and even leather.  For more information call us today at 410.386.1646.