Design Services

Design is the key element to all successful projects. It is first step in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing interior environments. From the design of a conference table to detailing architectural cabinetry and trim, we can create elements to match your existing interior or an entirely new space.

Edgewise offers complete in-house design services to assist you with developing a solution that best suits the needs of your space.  We begin by gaining a complete understanding of your project--how the space will be used, functional requirements and your style preference.  Then we’ll design the custom cabinetry for your interior and offer recommendations for materials that will provide for the longest return on the investment, visually enhance your project and are easy to maintain.

So whether it is a public space, conference room, or private office, Edgewise will work with you to create storage and work spaces, custom furniture and architectural elements that reflect your style while adhering to your budget.