Ultimately, your furniture and cabinetry are of limited value if they are not properly installed. Rather than leaving that important task to a third party, Edgewise Cabinetry provides all necessary installation services. Because we have our hands on your project from design through final installation, we can assure that each piece is installed properly, fits precisely into its designated space, and that all hardware and moving parts operate flawlessly.

Utilizing our own delivery trucks, each piece of cabinetwork never leaves the hands of our staff. Every component is carefully wrapped and loaded for direct delivery to the job site. Once there, it is the Edgewise staff that unloads the truck, carefully positions each component into its place, and completes the final installation. Because we built each component, any necessary onsite adjustments are easily made without causing delays to the final installation.

Once your project is installed, we stay on site until all pieces are checked for accurate fit, smooth operation of hardware components, and flawless finish. We then make sure to leave the area clean and ready for use—a project that you will be proud to share with customers, colleagues, and co-workers.  

From design to final installation, Edgewise Cabinetry is your best choice for custom cabinetry and furnishings.